Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We Will Never Touch A Ouija Board Again

My best friend, Abby and I were 13 years old and her mom had a Ouija board on a shelf. She did warn us not to use the board. But being the little rebel 13 year olds we were, we took it when Abby's mom fell asleep and we did not think anything would happen.. But that did not mean we didn't necessarily believe in it.

My father had passed away just 3 years prior. I told Abby that I wanted to try to contact him. First we asked if anybody was with us, and if they could show us a sign. We were sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor, nowhere near anything so we did not bump anything. All of a sudden her computer turned on, and it was just a blank blue screen. Then it shut off. We were a little spooked but did not think much of it.

Abby asked it again, if there was anybody with us.

It replied, Yes.

We asked how old the spirit was, and if it was male or female.
It was a 8 year old girl.

We asked her where she was in the room, and it spelled..
behind you.

I instantly felt chills and was cold. It almost was a feeling like someone grabbing your lungs, because you could not breathe, it was a tightness in my chest.

Abby asked her what she looked like, and she spelled..

We instantly got creeped out and decided to stop.

Later that night, we were sitting on her bed just on our phones when we started hearing a scratching sound coming from underneath her bed. We looked at each other and suggested it was just rats or mice in the walls... Let's face it those little critters can get in there.

She had a few sticky notes hanging up on her bedroom door that was right next to her bed, and I just so happened to be sitting next to the edge of the bed closest to the door.

I saw a sticky note fall off the door, and then another one fell off after and I was just curious and leaned over the bed and looked down and there was a crispy burnt hand reaching underneath the door wiggling it's fingers trying to get in..

I instantly screamed and jumped back and started to cry.. Abby just kept asking me what it was and I told her there is someone outside the door.. She got scared and we started screaming at the top of our lungs.. to where our veins were popping out of our necks.

Abby's house was NOT big. Her mom's room was literally 10 steps away and her sister's room was right across from hers and we just screamed and screamed.

We stayed awake all night and when it finally reached 7am Abby's mom came in asking us if we wanted breakfast and we were just scared.. She asked us what was wrong and we looked at her and said, ''you didn't hear us screaming all night?'' and she said, ''No''.

It could have been her mom or sister pranking us, and lying about not hearing us, But I know what I saw. I am not crazy. There is no way that hand belonged to either of them..

To this day we never touched a Ouija board again.

Anonymous November 30, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Help Me

So this isn't really a long story, but it still really freaked me out. So it was my first time using a Ouija board, actually like five minutes before I wrote this but anyways I expected a wait for a response after the "Is anyone there?" However immediately after instead of it saying yes it spells out the words "Help me"

This was again my first time using one so I freaked out and said goodbye, but I feel guilty now because what if I could help it?


April 5, 2017 at 12:22 PM

Why Didn't We See Anything Happen When We Used The Ouija Board?

Anonymous said...

So I tried a Ouija with my friends about one year ago. Personally I didn´t believe in it, and I cursed the board and possible ghosts out, and i can remember saying perfectly Yo if there's a ghost here kill me tonight or else you dont exist.Not only am i alive but nothing weird or bad happened that night. That kinda sucks, because i believe it would be cool to see if it actually worked, so could anyone explain why we possibly didnt see anything happen? ALL OTHER RULES WERE FOLLOWED except for: Not being insulting, and we were sitting down on the ground.

April 8, 2018 at 9:27 AM

Friday, April 13, 2018

My Mother And Her Boyfriend Started Something By Using A Ouija

it was about 11 years ago (im 18 now) when it all happened. we had a farm just a quarter mile from a town. it was one of those places that seemed to be just right. big yard, nice house, and a huge garage. we moved there when I was about 5, I was living with my grandparents at the time, and it seem like it was gonna be fun.

a year later, my mother moved in with her new boyfriend, and my grandparents found another farm a few miles away to move to. her boyfriend was...not the nice type. he was a huge athiest with a god complex (I now find it ironic, but hang with me.) he never believed in heaven or hell, but he sure like to cause it. one night I woke up around 2:30ish and saw him and my mother screwing around with a ouija board. I watched for about an hour before my mother noticed me, and sent me back to bed. now that I'm older, I now realise thats when it all went downhill.

over time, I've learned spirits tend to feed off energy, and bad ones feed off negative energy, and that house was like a nuke of negative energy. mostly cause by my stepdad. he was not a real good guy. ever. he treated me and my sibling like shit, but loved picking on me most of all, due to the fact that though I'm the oldest, I'm also the most pacifistic out of us all. he got pure joy out of making me suffer. but I'm wandering off topic. anyway, like I said, spirits feed off energy, and boy was there a lot of it.

there was always activity going on after that night. it was small at first, but got worse over time. one week things are moving slightly, the next theres things banging on windows, and slamming basement doors. I got the worse end of the storm, due to me being the biggest source of negative energy (depression, and mind you I wasnt even 10 years old at the time). at one point I had a room to myself, with a queen size bed. for normal 7-8 year olds, its a blessing having a huge bed, but for me it was hell. the damn thing would shake like jell-o on a plate every night, so much to where even now, I cant bear to sleep on a bed off the floor even an inch anymore. but the worse thing , and I mean the WORST thing that happened was one night, around midnight, I heard voices all over the room. I for some unknown reason gained a slight bit of bravery/stupidity and said to the voices "shut up please, I'm trying to get some sleep", to which something responded with the loudest yell you could possibly ever hear. now being a 8 year old boy, alone in a dark room, having some possibly demonic thing straight up yell at you is traumatizing. I never moved faster in my entire life, and I probably never will again.

after that my mom blocked off the upstairs altogether, but even after that we heard footsteps, voices and babies crying. later on in my life, I learned the house was built on grounds where and indian war took place, and lots of deaths happened. and that a couple with a baby also lived on the same property.

to this day, I still see things, HATE off the ground beds, and still hear that monstrous yell in the back of my mind, one of the things i'll never forget. I sometimes wish I could go back and burn that stupid board, and have a chance at a childhood

AnonymousSeptember 12, 2016 at 11:33 PM