Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Ouija Board Guide

Hello I am zircon (not my real name) this is not so much a story about the Ouija board. This is not trying to not let you use a Ouija board because demons can be useful to get answers from. This is a warning firstly when you use a Ouija board you will almost always contact an evil spirit or a demon this is because most good spirits have ascended to heaven and the Ouija board is not the right way to contact these spirits.

You may see the planchette move in a figure 8, count down from 9, go through the alphabet or go off the board if this happens flip the planchette over and put the board away.

If you encounter a spirit that calls itself mama, zozo, zeze, or any letters next to them then consciously move the planchette to goodbye and flip it over. You also may encounter lucifer/satan it will most likley be a demon pretending to be so but either way flip the planchette over same way as before.

Next Part

Demons can possess you.

PAY ATTENTION HERE if you feel like you are addicted to the board or get unusually cross at someone for not letting you use a board you may be beginning to get possessed PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE THAT WAS THE MAIN SYMPTOM others include only feeling cross or scared because those are the only emotions of a demon if you feel like you are getting possessed then read the next part.

Disposal of the board

You may want to dispose of a ouija board if you feel uncomftorbale using it or are possessed by a demon.

Don't just snap it in half, it will be back in its box fully repaired sooner or later if you threw the box away it will be the last place you let it out of your sight. Or it might not.


To properly dispose of a board you must break it into exactly 7 pieces, soak it in holy water, bury it and not dig up the earth until it rots.

Things to not do.

It would take way too long to list everything that you shouldent do with a board so I will just list a few very important ones.

Never let the board out of your sight if the planchette is still on the board and the right way up as it will either move in a figure 8, count down from 9, go through the alphabet or go off the board so the spirit can get out and possess you.

Never talk about god

Never ask where gold is buried

Never keep talking to the spirit if it says it won't leave then consciously move the planchette to goodbye and flip it over.

Never play without a pure silver coin on the board as it will make the user(s) very hard to possess during that session.

This is the end of my guide I hope it was helpful


Spirits can get cocky

Once a friend was doing ouija and the entity said it died in 1944 but later it said it was born in 1958 so he asked it how did I die before it was born? The planchette just scribbled around for a bit before saying O-O-P-S and moving to goodbye.

This is really the end of my guide

*planchette moves to goodbye and flips upside down*

Zircon Thecrystal 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Used A Ouija Board To Ask About My Future

It is time for me to share this spooky story that happened around 2 years ago.
I was going through a terrible period of my life and I simply used the Ouija board in order to ask questions about future and that's what I did.

I was alone in the house, I made sure no one was there so that I could speak loudly without being called crazy, I grabbed the Ouija board and said Hello! The Ouija board replied and I started asking questions and most the answers were random at first, then I decided to make sure that the presence is true and I asked them about the color of the book behind the laptop and it said BROWN to my surprise that was true so I carried on asking questions.

I asked if I'll get a scholarship to study abroad and they said yes and it happened, it also said that we will be 3 people who know each other on the airplane, to my surprise that did happen too.

I kept on using it until one day, I was not able to sleep, I felt a sinister presence around me all the time and one night I heard loud dogs barking outside, I took a look at the streets and they were empty, I WOKE my mom up and she said she does not hear anything. I knew something was wrong, I'm either losing it or the spirits come for me!

I decided to never mess with those things again, I saw movies and how badly things can get


Thursday, January 18, 2018

An Experience With A Homemade Ouija Board

My best friend (Alaina) confided in me recently about an experience she had with a Ouija board a couple weeks ago.

Her cousin (Abigail) decided to make a Ouija board, hoping maybe to hear from her grandparents. Everything was going pretty good and she actually did hear from them which made her really happy. However, they stopped responding and all of the sudden they got a "bad spirit". (We've all felt like there was something in the house before this event, so not really surprising).

Alaina stopped playing, but Abigail continued by herself. She was a tad bit uneasy but kept asking questions out of curiosity of what could be in her house. The spirit said it was a female and died in a car crash (age 9 years old... which sounds a bit fake, maybe the spirits way of seeming more approachable?) and died in a car crash. At this point they weren't really interested anymore and wanted to say goodbye. But it kept saying NO over and over.

They started getting worried because they know you have to say goodbye... so after it kept happening they asked a couple pointless questions just to keep the spirit happy. They got up the nerve to say goodbye again, but it FLEW across the board to no in a really aggressive way. They were scared to death. But they kept trying.

They eventually got it to stop after probably half an hour of torture. They tore up the homemade board and threw it on the bed, then left. They were gone for a couple hours, and when they got back the board was sitting there... put back together.

I didn't believe her at first but she was visibly upset telling me about it... she's been my best friend for years (since 2nd grade, we're 19 now). She'd never just joke around like this or make up a story just because.

I think she didn't tell me about it right away because she hasn't even talked to her cousin much since. She wanted to block it out and pretend like it never happened... but things have been weird and her cousin keeps seeing/hearing things in her house.

Going to do as much praying as I can and anybody reading this right now... I ask that you do the same.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

I Shouldn't Have Used A Ouija Board

These events just started happening to me. About 3 months ago me and two friends used a ouija Board. It worked good and nothing went wrong.

The spirts name was x and it was nice. Later that Night we used it again and talked to someone named v. This time it was different I had a bad feeling.

My whole room smelt like spoiled milk. So we didn't like this she said goodbye.

So a few months go by and it was New Year's Eve. I took a video of The Whole session and I watched it and there was this weird demonic noise just for a few seconds.

Now the video just won't work unless it's just me or the friends who used it with me. Ever since weird things have been happing and I dont know what to do.

Someone help?