Monday, May 29, 2017

Fife And Zoz Share The Ouija Board

It was New Years Eve and I went to my uncles house to party with my family and cousins, his house is in an urban area close to many different types of temples (I.e.: Masonic, Catholic, Mormon) and my oldest cousin is a vlogger on YouTube and we decided to play the board to spice up his video.

The house we were at had 3 out buildings in the backyard dating back to the early 20's, we played in the medium sized one and just to set the scene the ground was cement and the walls were without drywall, it was very cold and a little cluttered with storage.

We begin to circle the planchette once for each person playing while the camera is rolling, and it began going to random letters and numbers as if it was speaking a strange language or a type of code or something so we decided to say goodbye and move to the other out building this time with wooden walls and a fireplace and sliding glass door so it would be warmer and a little less scary, but after we got out of the first out building we just decided to go inside and play upstairs, we got the camera set up and focused and began to play again it just kept spitting out random combinations of alphanumeric stuff so we decided to have our friend who's an empath try and play with us and it did nothing, we then kicked her out of the room and a spirit named fife came through and the back story on fife happened in 1986 when my mother was nine.

They played with her friend and her brother (the uncles house we were at then) and fife said "I'd f**k Hanna" (my moms friend) and then later that night she felt warm hands in between her thighs.

Ok now back to present day: we played and we asked questions about our future like I asked if I should do online school and it said no and then I asked if I should go to the art school I was thinking about and it said yes, then we asked if Chris (the vlogger cousin) should go to his other party tonight and it said no, then it kept spelling d i e d i e d i e d i e then the dog who was being kept in the bathroom started barking at something and whining and sounded like it got hurt, and may I remind you it's a bulldog who's really strong then we asked if penny was ok (the dog) and it said no then we said why not and it said d i e again so we let her out and made sure nothing was wrong and tried to comfort the dog but it was way too hyper to sit and pet then the camera stopped recording and we looked at it and it was zoomed in on Chris's face so we decided to close the board and say goodbye, a few hours later me and my brother and mom decided to play because we all trusted that no one would push it and it was zoz we got really scared that it would land on O again but it didn't thankfully! And it said it had a message for us and it spelled steph (my mom) and she asked what it needed to tell her and it said Asher (my brother) then she said what about asher then it said "me" and she said what about you? And it didn't answer for the few next questions then it started talking again but it had the same personality as fife so we asked it who it was and it said fife then fife said zoz was attached to asher so then we asked why and it said scare and I remembered that asher would cry every night up until midnight then my mom asked if fife was protecting her and he said yes.

The next morning I woke up and heard footsteps by my head because I was sleeping on the floor, and turned around and nothing was there i just felt something watching me.

Can someone explain these things?

As my cousin went to review the footage the camera died even though it had full charge and when we turned it back on the screen stopped working.

How did zoz and fife share talking to us in the same session?

Should we seek help or just let it go?

Why did the first spirits only Speeks alphanumerical works?

What did you take from this story?

Reznik Isaacson


  1. Don't you know that when you play with Spirit Boards you are talking with Demons. They will lie and manipulate. Theynhabe one goal and one goal only. Your misery. There are no such things as spirit protectors. This is another demon lying to you to get what it wants. It will tell you what it knows that you will believe. The longer you mess with that board, the more trouble you will bring to your family. Dont do it. I've much experience with these type of things. Let it go and pray to God for forgiveness. You have to really feel sorry in your heart to connect with God through Jesus's name. Then when you are done praying say "Amen".

  2. I'm not sure as I don't have one my self and I don't know much about them, but if I was you I would leave that board alone for alone time

  3. Sounds like ash is just very religious. I'd be careful with the board and as long as you always say goodbye and very firmly tell the spirit it does not have permission to follow you or be in your house you should be okay. I think you can talk to good spirits as well.

  4. Ok so I'm going to tell you my brothers story which was told to me by my mother!! I have never played with these things because they are evil!! I know this story to be true because there are bits of it on the internet. When my brother was at school he decided to play one of these boards with his friends he won't say what happened or what was said, but it had something to do with a set of keys. My mum started to notice my brother looked ill very thin and pale big red and black bags under his eyes so she took him to the doctor who said there wasn't anything wrong with him and that he must have a cold so she went on with life as you do my brother would help my mum clean and stuff, so anyways he took this mop bucket to my grandad one day and my grandad collapsed at the door he was a very religious man! When he came round he couldn't get away from phil (my brother) quick enough he put crosses on each wall of his home after that. Back to my brother stuff started happening in the house there where green wet mouldy patches on his bed and water came from the walls so my mum had work men come out to sort it and hey said there where no water pipes where the water was coming from! So she called out the water board they said the same! Then the shed set on fire on its own things would be launched across rooms and my brother looked so malnourished, my mum had his auntie at the time come round to say some prayers because my grandad had said he wouldntb cause my brother was evil! So she came and started saying the prayers she had chairs and ornaments thrown at her while she was saying these prayers. My mum managed to call someone to do something to the house while the priest was there he was attacked also! He said that everyone who had been to the house would have to be there while the exorsism took place including the builders and family members so my mum gathered everyone. As they where all chanting prayers and what ever they do during exorcism my mum said it sounded like there was a 100 people upstairs fighting and banging around I don't know the full story my mum refused to tell me. My brother was told never to talk about it or it would come back. However something bad does still follow him around as when he stays at anyone's house damp patches appear that weren't there before he isn't a nice guy he's very deceitful now and no one likes him. My mum said she took a picture of him as well before exotrism and she hadn't noticed at first but there was a big dark cloud like figure behind him! She told the priest afterwards and he told her to bury it away from the home. Please don't mess around with these things nothing good will come of it they have evil within and nothing good! I'm not even a religious person myself.It's not a game please don't treat it like one

    1. I believe you, but please get help for your brother asap! You need a priest who is filled with the Holy Spirit, only then the priest can make the demon go away. If you can't do that, please pray in Jesus Christ's name and ask forgiveness and help! Then you can help your brother by yourself, because Holy Spirit will come to live inside your heart and He is MUCH more powerful than any evil spirit on planet Earth! Please believe me in this as I have believed your story also, these things are real! Only Jesus Christ can give salvation from the evil.

  5. Don't mess about with these pure evil within nothing good will come of it I know.. my brother got possessed and it wasn't just for a couple of minutes or hours it was months!! It's horrible!!



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